Why Use A Recruitment Agency?

Why you should use a recruitment agency when hiring

Finding a suitable candidate for a specific job role can be a challenging task for a company, especially if there are many applicants. The process requires the use of in-house recourses and does not guarantee that you will find the perfect candidate at the end of it as there is always a possibility of hiring someone who is unfit for the role, resulting in a loss of time and money. 

Therefore, many employers turn to recruitment agencies to help them identify the most talented applicants and narrow them down to a smaller scale. This can benefit a company in many ways.  

Time Saving

One of the main reasons why companies hire through agencies is that they have the ability to find suitable candidates much faster. Recruitment agencies tend to have access to networks with many connections and as a result can find better fitting candidates for the role.  

Recruitment agencies are professionals at filtering through applications and selecting the best applicants. As a company, your in-house team might not have the ability to sort through a high number of applications as quickly as an agency can.  

In business, time is money. Using a recruitment agency can significantly reduce the time needed to source a suitable candidate. This can improve the efficiency of the organisation as they will have a better chance of filling in the vacancy as quick as possible.  

Access the best

Recruitment agencies usually obtain a network of job-seekers and potential candidates and therefore have the ability to source the most talented applicants for a specific job roleUsing a recruitment agency will allow you to access a wider range of people making it easier for you to find the best possible applicant. The agency can then interview and carefully select the most ideal candidates meaning you, as an employer, only receive a handful of applicants that are best fit for the job. 

Cost Efficient

The process of hiring someone can be costly and using an agency is seen as a more affordable option. Recruiting without an agency requires the use of in-house recourses, which could be more expensive, especially if you are a small company 

Using an agency reduces the cost in many ways, for example, you wouldn’t have to spend extra money advertising job roles, training a new employee, paying staff for working overtime or temporarily hiring someone.  

Sector Expertise

Every recruitment agency specialises in certain job sectors and possess a substantial amount of knowledge within that field. This enables them to know exactly what they need to look out for 

Recruitment agencies will also take care of a large amount of the recruitment process such as filtering the applicants, verifying CVs and qualifications, scheduling interviews, and preparing the candidates with the relevant information needed for that specific job role.

Developing a relationship

By using a recruitment agency frequentlyyou slowly start to develop a trusting relationship. They will also get a better idea of what your business entails and can therefore make sure that their search matches with your criteria 

Overtime, you will be able to go to the agency that you work with and will be able to almost immediately receive applicants suited to your job role.  

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