We listen clearly and act fast

Great recruitment requires a delicate balance between speed and genuine understanding. We get to know you well in able to work fast and provide you with the very best candidates when the need arises.

We’ve developed a process to make your experience with us as risk-free as possible.  It’s a unique process that will cost you less whilst leading to outstanding results.

We’re completely transparent – there are no secrets.  We will never bluff, but tell you what you need to know, when you need to know it.

Our clients choose us for our deep-research allied to a considerate approach.  We know there is nothing less helpful than bombarding you with inappropriate and inadequate CVs, or candidates who don’t live-up to the standard of their resume.

We use the latest software to identify talent that may not be proactively searching for jobs.  We advertise across multiple channels, including social media.

We run clear candidate profiling with key compatibility indicators, pre-interviews for new candidates on your behalf, and comprehensive short-listing and referencing services.

We only charge a 10% commission on successful placements.

We do all the hard work on your behalf.

Our processes are thorough and proven to work.

Why use a recruitment agency at all?

We have tried to explain across this site what sets us apart as a recruitment agency.  But you have every right to ask why you would want to use an agency at all.

It’s a good question!

If you have a vacancy, know a great candidate and are able to speak to them, interview them, take references and push-through the legal and technical paperwork, then you should just get on with it!

However, it’s unlikely that you’ll always be in that position.  We spend our professional lives getting to know employees and employers.  Candidates and client.  We know where to find them, how to find them, and, most importantly, where the synergies lie.

Our expertise means you can focus on the day job, confident in the knowledge that we will set you up with likeminded people who want to work with you.

We’re not just any agency.  Our ‘first time right’ service is of the highest quality, fairly priced and will provide you with the talent your business needs.

We’ll advertise for you, filter, interview and take-on onerous duties like mapping your compliance with employment law.

A great recruitment agency gets it right.  And that’s our intention, every time.

Register your CV and let us help you

Client FAQ’s

Why use Fellowship Recruitment?

We’ll get to know you well enough to ensure that you get the candidates you want, faster and more efficiently than you thought possible. 

We have a huge number of candidates on our database, and we can match them to fit your needs.  In the meantime, you can focus on running your business while we take care of finding, filtering and introducing you to the best candidates and then taking the labour-intensive paperwork off your hands.

Ultimately it’s about giving you the peace of mind to save time and money by letting us take the strain.

We’ll get it right first time, from screening and assessment through to compliance with recruitment law.

Where do I need to be based?

Anywhere in the UK.  We have recruitment experience and contacts from Leeds, London and Liverpool to Manchester and Middlesbrough. 

I’ve heard of part and full time, but what’s a temporary worker?

Effectively, it’s a ‘temp’ who we will recruit to work with you in a specific project over a defined period.

Temps do incur employer tax contributions and holiday pay, but we can handle all of that for you, covering the relevant costs.

The benefit to you is a flexible role, where you get what you need without a long-term obligation.  You’ll just need to pay an hourly rate for work done. 

So temps can fill a hole in the team or provide brand new expertise that you may only need from time-to-time.

What does it cost to recruit a temp?

We agree an hourly rate with you for a new temp.  That will include our costs – covering recruitment, paperwork and even the temp’s holiday pat and tax contributions.

Say we want to recruit a permanent member of staff?

If we recruit a permanent member of staff for you, you’ll take responsibility for all their costs and long-term welfare.  We simply charge you a percentage of their first year salary – and we make sure that, whatever the role, we charge less than the competition!

If we get to a point where we are recruiting a number of staff for you, we can agree a fixed retainer for our services that will save you the commission on each hire.

We will, of course, suggest the most effective ways to work together when we understand your needs.

Why use Fellowship Recruitment for permanent hires?

This is an increasingly regulated environment where mistakes are incredibly costly.  Unlike a piece of office furniture, recruiting the wrong person can be a stressful and expensive mistake!

The key is to find the very best candidates who don’t just look good on paper but who match your values and who will fit comfortably into your work environment.

We specialise in getting that right – looking beyond the CV to select the best fit for you and then to remove as much cost and hassle from the process as possible.

We’ll negotiate salaries for you and leave you free to focus on the day job, stepping-in only to meet and interview the candidates who we are certain you’ll like.

What next?

Please contact us any time to today to discuss your needs. More than any process or cost, what really sets us apart is our passion for finding you the right staff for your business.  Let’s get going!