We approach recruitment differently – by putting you first.

Fellowship Recruitment matches the best talent with great business.  But we do it differently.

Many agencies think about themselves first.  They throw as many candidates at each client as possible in the hope that some will stick.  They are driven by fees, not by long-term relationships.

We’re the opposite.  We get to know every candidate well enough to ensure that they are a good match.  And then we only put them in front of strong, reputable employers.  This gives a fantastic hit-rate that means we charge from 10% commission on each placement – creating incredible value for everyone involved.

Why choose Fellowship Recruitment?

If you are looking to employ staff, there’s a huge choice of recruitment agencies you can call.  But each comes with a catch:

Some know the client side but not the candidates.

Others focus almost entirely on the candidates.

Many charge ridiculous amounts for a successful placement.

Not enough are prepared to admit that they only specialise in certain areas.

We are a group of young, energetic and passionate recruiters based in Central London. We formed this business because we thought we could do things better.

Supply and demand can only meet where the recruiter understands both equally well.  Employers can’t take a risk – it’s too expensive.  Equally, candidates need the confidence that we are introducing them to roles they will find fulfilling. 

We aim to save time and hassle across the process, with no wasted interviews and no false hope.

Specialising exclusively in Digital & Technology, Oil & Gas, Warehouse & Production, Office & Admin means we only help in areas that we have knowledge and experience.

We look forward to helping you on your way by:

Only making relevant matches with potential to proceed.

Keeping our fees low.

Always putting long-term relationships ahead of short-term financial gain.

We focus on where we can add most value

By focusing on four specialist areas, we maximise the value we can offer you.

Digital & Technology

Our Digital & Technology team understand what companies in the sector are looking for, and where to find the best candidates. We know that skills are only relevant when they can be translated into the workplace. And that projects have to be completed by people capable of working on time and on budget, taking them through from inception to completion.
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Oil & Gas

Our Oil & Gas team have a wide spectrum of experience across the sector, understanding what clients need in this fast-moving, international world. Candidates have to be more than technically competent: they need to be able to communicate with complete clarity on projects that involve risk management and potentially high rewards.
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Warehouse & Production

At Fellowship Recruitment we have a successful track record in providing experienced warehouse & production staff to companies throughout the UK. This is a process-driven industry requiring a unique skill-set combining project and people management.
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Office & Admin

Our office & admin team are helping clients adjust to the ‘new normal’ with many staff working flexible hours, often away from the office. This creates challenges, but it also provides opportunities to recruit great candidates who are now able to take-on more hours.
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